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The Red Djinn


Adara Willoughby began her adventures by defeating the evil Koureshi magus known as the Mancer King. But with her skills growing by leaps and bounds and her magical education begun by Tanar’s Court Magus Cruztan Milegos, her interest in Eastern magic has been piqued. Now she and her semigryph companion Malika, a flying wildcat with whom she has a near-telepathic rapport, are journeying to the far-off Sultanate where she can study under an old friend and colleague of Cruztan’s – Afzal Szehar, the octogenarian Court Magus for the Koureshi Sultan Mistar Adem. She fears this trip will leave her starved for sex, but things in Ashimande are not as she thought they would be. In this newest adventure our heroine will fight bandits, fend off some suitors while finding passionate love with another, and learn spells she had never dreamed of. And at last, the old Gitana fortune-teller’s ominous words will come back to haunt her – when she confronts the dreaded Red Djinn.

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