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Kathe Todd as portrayed by Gilbert Shelton, 1984

A third-generation native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Kathe Todd began working at pioneering underground comix company Rip Off Press as a summer job between college semesters in 1975. She never really left. She acted as Editor in Chief (among many other roles) for more than twenty years, and was dubbed “The Wonder Woman of Smut Comix” by the controversial news program Hard Copy in 1992. Ms. Todd currently resides in Sacramento, California. A lifelong reader who has always loved Science Fiction and Fantasy, Kathe decided to start writing her own fantasy novels in 2013. She wrote the x-rated, tongue-in-cheek Dragonborn trilogy, set in the universe of Bethesda’s Skyrim game, during the first part of that year. The following year she wrote the DragonSon trilogy – a Young Adult series following the adventures of the children of the characters from the earlier series of books. This was followed later in 2014 and early in 2015 by the Shadow God series, the saga of a picaresque half-black orphan girl in an alternate-universe version of the old world where most of Europe has been at peace for over a thousand years, and the gods of earth are real – and extremely active in the lives of their worshipers. 

In early 2015 the Dragonborn and DragonSon series’ were reborn as the Fireblood and Fire Scion trilogies – leaving the world of Skyrim behind with all-original characters and plotlines. Beginning in May 2015, the Darkshield series combines swords-and-sorcery adventure with x-rated romance. All thirteen of Kathe’s novels are currently available in both Kindle and trade paperback format on

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