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The Shadow God Trilogy

In an alternate-universe version of early 18th century Europe, the Gaspari Dominion has lived in peace and prosperity for over a thousand years. But life there is better for some than for others. The seven gods are honored everywhere, manifesting in their idols to perform miracles for those who worship them. But two hundred years ago there was an eighth god - Betsalel, the lord of shadows and death. None now dare speak his name. 

Child of Shadows

Leila, half-black daughter of a whore, finds herself out on the streets of Marsine when her mother dies. Taken in by the city’s Night Guild, an organization of thieves, she prospers in her new-found trade. But she is forced to flee Marsine at the age of 13, and finds herself on the run and in hiding. Just one big score, she thinks, and she can retire from thievery and have a normal life – far away from those who are seeking her. But she has reckoned without the Shadow God, who has other plans for her.

Queen of Shadows

Leila and her lover Tevo have stayed in Parat, helping Betsalel to restore his church in the Gaspari Dominion. But now the Shadow God’s temples in Palambo, many miles to the south, have veered from the true worship of Betsalel and raised an evil djinn in his place - one that feeds on the blood of sacrificed innocents. Leila is torn from Tevo’s arms and forced by her god – and her conscience – to journey to Palambo and do whatever it takes stop the cult of the djinn. She will become a deadly assassin, and a queen – but can her love for Tevo survive?

Mother of Shadows

No longer a thief or an assassin, Leila has become Arch Priestess of Betsalel in Parat, capital of the Gaspari Dominion – a respected member of society, and the mother of two children. But when her son is abducted along with the daughter of the emperor, in a plot to allow the Gholim hordes to invade the Dominion, she and her husband must polish up their forgotten skills and journey into the Realms of the Hando to bring the kids back safely.
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