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The Fireblood Chronicles

An x-rated take on the swords-n-sorcery genre, complete with a bold and beautiful red-headed heroine, magnificently muscled warriors, dragons, vampires, ancient prophecies, enchanted weapons, and more. Sizzling sex, sweet romance, and daring deeds with a humorous edge.

The Fire Scion Trilogy

Swords and sorcery combine with coming-of-age themes and teen romance as the children of the Fireblood seek their own destinies. This series aimed at young adults has no explicit sex, language, or gruesome violence.

The Shadow God Trilogy

In an alternate-universe version of early 18th century Europe, the Gaspari Dominion has lived in peace and prosperity for over a thousand years. But life there is better for some than for others. The seven gods are honored everywhere, manifesting in their idols to perform miracles for those who worship them. But two hundred years ago there was an eighth god - Betsalel, the lord of shadows and death. None now dare speak his name.

The Darkshield Series

Meet Adara Willoughby, a smart and sexy heroine with a thirst for adventure. After leaving the small village where she grew up, believing herself to be an orphan, she finds there’s a whole big world out there for her to explore - a world full of ancient mysteries, hidden treasure, and some very hot men. In the vein of the Fireblood Chronicles, this fun, fast-moving series combines swords-and-sorcery adventure with humor and x-rated romance.
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