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The Fireblood Chronicles

An x-rated take on the swords-n-sorcery genre, complete with a bold and beautiful red-headed heroine, magnificently muscled warriors, dragons, vampires, ancient prophecies, enchanted weapons, and more. Sizzling sex, sweet romance, and daring deeds with a humorous edge.

Destiny of the Fireblood

Wannabe adventuress Bernadette leaves Auverne for the wild and wooly northern province of Iscandia, seeking fame, fortune, adventure, and hot sex with some “real men” – not the clumsy farm boys she’d been frolicking with in her rural village back home. She finds all that and more. A lot more. Because the ancient dragon god Tarragin has returned. And according to the prophecy, it’s up to her to stop him from destroying the world!

The Fireblood’s Choice

Tarragin has been defeated, and Bernadette is free to enjoy life with her two magnificent lovers: god-like Norse warrior Erik and studly mage Andrion. But when she realizes that Andrion wants more from their relationship than she’s been willing to give, is she ready to push him – or Erik – aside? As she wrestles with her choice, the world is threatened again – This time by a powerful vampire lord who has a plan to blot out the sun.

The Fireblood Betrayed

In the first few years of Bernadette’s married life there are many adventures, heartaches, and triumphs. She has satisfying work, a wonderful home, and two beautiful children. But then a friend from her past comes to her for help, and she finds herself betrayed – torn apart from everyone and everything she loves. Swords and sorcery mix with romance, sex, and humor.
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