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The Fire Scion Trilogy

Swords and sorcery combine with coming-of-age themes and teen romance as the children of the Fireblood seek their own destinies. This series aimed at young adults has no explicit sex, language, or gruesome violence. 

Fire Scion I: The Hidden City

Andi Drakespring, fireblood like his mother and able to turn into a dragon at will, is 15. All he really wants is a little respect from his famous parents. Then he stumbles onto the quest of a lifetime, a chance to go through an ancient portal to another dimension. And when he fails to get their support, he decides to go anyway. He, his best friend Fjuri Steadfast, and his leukalfar adopted sister Meri find themselves on an adventure more harrowing than any of them could have foreseen.

Fire Scion II: The Flying Dead

Now 16, Andi Drakespring is beginning to take responsibility – and to be treated like an adult. When an ancient, undead dragon priest escapes from his tomb and starts raising dragon zombies for a takeover of Iscandia, it’s up to him, along with his family and friends – including his 19 brothers and sisters who were born dragons – to stop the flying dead.

Fire Scion III: The Imperium Plot

The entire Drakespring clan has been invited to stay in Roma, the imperial capital, while Andi and his father Andrion work with mages from the University of the Magical Arts on a project that could revolutionize daily life for everyone in Agena. But while they’re having fun exploring the big city and attending lavish balls, a sinister plot is underway - one that could see Andrion executed for murder.
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