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The Darkshield Series

Meet Adara Willoughby, a smart and sexy heroine with a thirst for adventure. After leaving the small village where she grew up, believing herself to be an orphan, she finds there’s a whole big world out there for her to explore - a world full of ancient mysteries, hidden treasure, and some very hot men. In the vein of the Fireblood Chronicles, this fun, fast-moving series combines swords-and-sorcery adventure with humor and x-rated romance.

Demon Bringer

Demons invaded her home and killed her family when she was six, but Adara managed to escape. When they find her again eleven years later, she is determined to track down the magus who sent them - and destroy him once and for all. Then she meets lusty young adventurer Ferdyn Longblade, and discovers that there is more to life than revenge.

Tomb of the Kobold King

Adara’s on a quest for adventure, treasure and the secrets of the long-vanished kobolds. Along the way, she’ll acquire an animal companion, a new lover with a mysterious past, and far more family members than she ever dreamed she had. 

The Sword of Myralis

Adara knows that interspecies romance is wrong - but it feels so right! With her new elven lover at her side, she’s on a perilous quest to recover one of the most iconic artifacts in the Sea Elves’ history - the legendary Sword of Myralis. But the sword carries with it a peril she never expected - one that even the Darkshield cannot protect her from.

The Red Djinn

Adara Willoughby began her adventures by defeating the evil Koureshi magus known as the Mancer King. Now she journeys to the court of the Sultan of Kouresh, to study Eastern magic with his Court Mage. In this newest adventure the old Gitana fortune-teller’s ominous words will come back to haunt her – when she confronts the dreaded Red Djinn.
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